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Chase story.

Chase story.

I wake up by the vague streaks of Sun falling all over my face and naked body, slightly wrapped with white satin sheet by my torso slipping off the bed.

I fill my lungs with the pleasing aroma of filtered coffee trailing all the way from kitchen to my bedroom as he brings it along. 

Morning kisses with sex is followed by the view of the shore of Pink Sands beach through glass doors of the house.

Who would've imagined— the person who grooves to reggae around the house, carefree in his Tom and Jerry underwear makes scrambled eggs with strawberry crepes in a frying pan every morning for his lady, is also an under cover agent who stays here to seize the most wanted criminal of Asia?

We pretend to be unaware of our true identities and live every moment like our last together.

Because now, his time has come to chase me down before I grab my passport and leave this country.