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Don't let Chrome eat your PC


Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. There is one problem, it can't stop using your PC's RAM and other resources. There are some tips that will help you to enhance your PC's performance - 



Switch to another browser



You can switch to other browsers like Microsoft Edge or Safari. New Microsoft Edge is chromium based which means it works the same as Chrome browser and uses 5% lesser resources than Chrome and Safari use 10% fewer resources than Chrome. Mozilla Firefox uses as much resources as Chrome. 



Kill RAM gobblers 



Apps and programs in our PC use RAM to run them, less RAM in usage will lead to freedom of using more programs. Each Chrome tab and extension works like a different app and consumes your RAM similarly. With Chrome task manager you can see how much resources your extension and tabs are using.  Uninstall Chrome extensions, this will make a huge difference.



Avoid Video Chats from your browsers



Try to avoid video chats from your browsers are they consume a huge amount of your resources. Video chat with multiple persons will consume more resources.