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Emperor Akbar

Emperor Akbar

Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, the greatest emperor of Indian History was born on October 15th, 1542. He was the first son of Emperor Humayun and his wife, Hamida Banu Begum. Emperor Akbar was loved fighting games and fencing, hunting etc. He was a vivacious eater and in his early youth his sex appetite too was very high. Though he remained illiterate all through his life, he was considered to be very intelligent. Legends say that even if he heard something once, he remembered it forever. He loved listening to Sanskrit shlokas and had him pandits brought from all around the subcontinent to narrate shlokas. He never forced his subjects to convert into Islam. He even abolished jiziya and the pilgrim tax on his Non-Muslim subjects. He believed that every person has the right to follow their own religion, to do what they love; he himself when does what he loves and follows his own religion, then how can he ask others to not do the same? He even established the ibadat khana to conduct discussions on different religious topics and beliefs and compare and contrast the views until he was satisfied enough to consider himself “religiously mature”. He was one of the most liberal rulers of history. As Monsserate once remarked that the Emperor does not interfere in any one’s religion neither he forces people to accept his own, makes him a good ruler and at the same time a bad one! Even in his Mansabdari System most of the high ranking officials were Hindus. The Emperor was indeed a true incarnation of God in many ways.