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Famous food places in Jaipur


you love Street Food visit: Raja Park and must try the following food places -


1. Nand Chaat Bhandar

- Gol gappe

- Other related snacks

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2. Kulcha Factory

- Amritsari Kulcha

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3. Bhatia paneer tikka

- Paneer Tikka

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4. Swami café

- Masala Dosa

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Following are the must try food places and their food, if you are in Jaipur -


Lassiwala, MI road

- Lassi

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Samrat restaurant

- Samosa and kachaudi

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Mahavir Rabadi Bhandar

- Bejad ki roti

- Kesar pista rabadi

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Rawat Mishtan Bhandar

- Pyaaz Kachaudi

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Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar

- Rajasthani Sweets

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Chokhi Dhaani

- Rajasthani Thaali

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Ramchandra Kulfi Bhandar

- Kulfi

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For best famous Non Veg food -


Spice Court

- Keema Bati

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Handi fusion

- Laal maas

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