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Honest Problems with New Agriculture Reform Bill


We have talked to the farmers and find out there are the following field in which farmers are sceptical about the Agriculture Reform Bill - 


Farmers are afraid that there could be a threat to the MSP scheme -  



As APMCs are losing their powers. Farmers want MSP scheme to be established as a law.



There are very strong chances that APMC/Government Market may get completely vanished -



As the transactions outside of APMC are tax-free, private players entering the market will offer great deals in the beginning to penetrate the market then will create a monopoly which leads to APMC will losing its relevance in the long term.



Contract Farming -



These laws are strengthening contract farming. If there is any dispute happened in the contract farming (Like company breach the contract and refuse the pay the amount to the farmers) then the farmer can only reach to Sub-Divisional Magistrate and District Collector who are very difficult to approach in small towns are cities due to high bureaucracy. There is no scope to reach judiciary under the new laws.



Chances of hoarding -



Government has removed the limits from the storage of commodities under the new laws which may lead to hoarding of commodities. Big business houses will store a large number of commodities & decrease the supply to manipulate the market to inflate the price and get undesired profit via the increase in demand.