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How to choose an air conditioner?


You must keep the following points in your mind before purchasing a new Air Conditioner - 


What should be the size of the AC? - 



Size of the room - Size of the AC


90 to 110 sq. feet - 1 ton

110 to 150 sq. feet - 1.5 ton

150 to 200 sq. feet - 2 ton




Inverter or Non-inverter AC? - 



Non-Inverter AC - 


• If you believe in turning off the AC after your room feels cool then non-inverter ACs are for you.


• Non-inverter ACs run their compressor at 100% and once they reach the set temperature they turned off the compressor and whenever the temperature falls it will restart the compressor to its 100% power.


• If your room has more air leakage then non-inverter is for you as the compressor stops after reaching the set temperature hence it will consume less electricity.





Inverter AC - 


• If you believe in continuous usage of ACs without turning it off then Inverter ACs are for you, they produce less sound and consume less electricity in the long run.


• In inverter ACs compressor starts from 30% of power and slowly reached to 100% until it reached to set room temperature and then runs at 30% to 40% of their power so that temperature never fall till the AC is on. Hence, it consumes less electricity in the long run.


• If your room is having air leakage then to maintain the temperature it will run the compressor to its 100% power continuously without turning off, then it will consume more electricity then non-inverter ACs.


• If restart these ACs it slowly starts from 0% to 100% of its power hence in case of frequent switching it consumes more electricity.




What are the top Brands to be considered? - 



Class A -

Brands having complete imported parts in it.







Class B -

Brands having some imported parts in it.







Class C -

Other Brands offering good services