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How to get rid of Suicidal Thoughts?

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Let the moment pass



Even though you’re in a lot of stress and pain right now, and cannot think of anything else but to end your life and with it, your suffering, give yourself some distance between thoughts and action. Make a decision to not take any drastic step for the next 24 hours. There is no deadline. Wait. And in the meantime, talk to your loved ones, watch an optimistic movie or engage in any activity that you enjoy. By doing so you will realize that suicide is not such a good idea as it seemed back then. Life is so much bigger than that and there's always room for betterment.



Stay optimistic



Try to stay as calm and positive as you can even if seems difficult. Engage yourself in meditation or yoga which will help you achieve salvation and make your negative thoughts disappear. By doing so you will feel a lot better about yourself and your life. Alternatively, you can watch or read something which will make you happy and give you hope. Be it your favourite childhood cartoon, or a book by Robin Sharma.



Remind yourself of your dreams



Whenever a thought of ending your life comes into your mind remind yourself of all the things that you're yet to achieve, the places you're still to see, things you've not yet done and the heights you are to reach. By doing so, you'll see there is so much left for you to do in life that it is too soon for it to end.



Make a list of things you're grateful for



Pick up a pen and start listing down things that you're grateful for. It could either be a person, a place or even your favourite cuisine. Hold on to those things as tightly you possibly can and remind yourself that you won't have access to those if you're not there.



Try to find alternative options



If you're troubled because something did not work out as you expected it to or in your favour, try to find ways to change that instead of considering committing suicide. You can do so by making strategies, seeking help, etc. This way, sooner or later you'll find a path and things will be in your favour.



Take professional help 



Consulting a professional has proven to be more effective than talking to someone you know for various reasons. First of, A professional can guide you better than anyone else as they are skilled and trained to help you fight depression. Second, sometimes talking to a stranger is easier than talking to someone you know as there will be no biases and prejudgment.