How to keep your device's battery healthy? | Candider
How to keep your device's battery healthy?

Follow the tips below to keep your device battery healthy for a long time - 



Charging Cycle




Your device's battery life will reduce by 20% after completing 400 charging cycle i.e. 0% to 100%. Hence, for longer battery life keep your device's battery between 20% to 80%. As pressure on battery increases under 20% of the charge as well as over 80%.

Fast charging also creates pressure on the battery hence, don't overnight charge your device using a fast charger, you can use a slow charger to overnight charge your device.



Heating Device



You can use your phone while charging but avoid it if your device starts heating. Heat can damage your battery, hence you should not charge your device if sunlight reaching it.



Branded Charger



Always use the charger that comes with your device, you can use other branded charger but in that case, you have to take care of its voltage output. Hence, it is strongly recommended to use the original charger only.

Cable plays an equally important role as adapter now, using thinner cable will cause more pressure on battery and fast charging would not work on that cable, hence it is strongly recommended to use original cable or buy branded cables only.



Avoid keeping heavy apps



We will advise you to use lighter versions of apps like Facebook etc. as they consume a large amount of battery by running and performing several tasks in the background. You can check which app is consuming more battery in the battery usage section of your device's settings.

Don't use battery savers apps, such apps never save your battery as cutter device operating systems are now designed in such a way to optimise your battery life.



Myth about Bluetooth



There is a myth about Bluetooth that it consumes much battery life. Bluetooth technology is developed with the aim of establishing connectivity between devices using the least battery technology can consume.