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How to protect your hearing?

The usage of earphones, headphones and other sound equipment have been increased on a very large scale. Especially in the recent period of lockdown due to need of privacy and other requirements hence threat to our ears also increased. This habit of using earphones may lead to hearing damage in the long run and you will see its impact very soon. Therefore it is important for us to understand how can we protect our ears and hearing power from any harm in the future.




Hear your surroundings



Keep your device volume as low as you can hear the conversation around yourself very easily. At such volume, regular usage of earphones would not harm you.



Devices with noise cancellation



Many new headphones and earphones come with active noise cancellation hence you would not be able to hear sound or conversation around you. Therefore in such case keep monitoring of your volume and don't let it to be on high intensity.



Listen to your device



Many smartphones and media streaming apps come with the feature of setting volume limit and also warns you when you increase volution beyond a healthy limit. Listen to those apps and phones and don't set your volume higher than that. Start a habit listening to media at a lower volume in the long term you will be comfortable with lower volume.



Good Quality Devices



Some good quality headphones or earphones may help you to protect your hearing power by producing superior fidelity sound and allow the user to listen to the extra details even at a lower volume, hence you would not find the need to increase the volume.