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Journey with different minds

Journey with different minds


Journey with different minds


We all know that there is some super natural Power exists in this universe. The things whom we called miracle is nothing but your faith in the ultimate power of this universe or we can say galaxy. 


Everyday, we start our day with some spirit, zeel, confidence to achieve something. We deal with N number of minds everyday. Apart from knowing that everyone has there own way of thinking. We still expect that people should work the way we want them. 


We deal with different people's in our life. But, we never try to understand them to walk in there shies once. The day when we get some power/authority. We compare ourselves with the one who created this galaxy. It will take years and years to know everything in life. But, it will take only few minutes to know someone, to understand them.


We always behave like we own this land. And, we often forget that we are here just to contribute something. We harm mother nature, other creatures, animals, and so on. Just to comfort our selves. 


If we wish we can live peacefully with decency and transparency. With N number of people's there exists N number of minds. You can't win everyone's mind. But, you can make some place over there.


It depends on us what we want in our journey. Medicines or a happy life.