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Laptop Buying Guide 2021

In addition to the previous Laptop Buying Guide, we came up with answers to some more questions that come in mind of a consumer while purchasing a new laptop - 


Brands - 

Following are the top 5 brands of laptops - 

1. Apple

2. Dell

3. Asus

4. HP

5. Acer


We consider brands in laptops mainly for their after-sale services. Currently, each company offers an equal level of service quality to the users except Apple (Apple's after-sale services are way better). If you are living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities then buying a higher brand will not make great sense. Hence, we will advise you to don't consider brand too much as many times Asus offers better services as compared to Dell and HP.

If you are investing more than ₹70000 on a laptop then always opt for MacBook only.


Warranty Extension - 

If you are a careful user and take care of your device then we will advise you to never opt for warranty extension as extended warranties don't cover the usual need of your laptop that occurs after one year of usage like warranty doesn't cover better drainage, cleaning and Maintainance. Engineers always try to avoid extended warranty users of laptops.


Memory - 

Always opt for SSD not HDD. SSD performs way better than HDD. Try to avoid hybrid memory (SSD+HDD) try to buy SSD only. Buy at least 256GB SSD for storage.

In terms of RAM, if you are a regular user like just use Microsoft Office, web-browsers like Chrome or any other usual management related softwares then 4GB would be enough if you have SSD. If you are an engineer, designer or any profession related to the technical or designing field then opt for at least 8GB RAM.


Number of Cores - 

Generally clock speed plays the most important role in the speed and performance of a processor. But currently, Intel came with a great marketing plan where it is difficult to see any major difference in the clock speed of any 2 families of the processor. Hence, here you should watch for the number of cores in the processor and also look for a turbo booster. Turbo Booster processors are better. Also, inspect that is a performance processor or normal? Performance processors are better.