LOVE ME? | Candider


In that very first look I'll change my perspective of looking at you

I will try to turn you into words which are incomprehensible

I will turn you into metaphors which can break people's hearts

I will turn you into multiple verses on thousands crumble pages until I find that perfect verse from which I can turn you into my muse

My muse,at which I look at with eyes of my creativity

I will mould you,mould you into irreversible phases,from which I can never regain the feeling which I felt earlier for you

The feeling I felt when you said you love me and I said don't 

Don't love me because love for me is a mess

I will turn you into my muse,my art and my verses.

And I will try to pour the best out of my heart in front of you until I am parched 

And one day I will expect the same from you and you will run

You will run until you stop catching a glance of me while turning back

Love for you is a feeling

Love for me is a blessing

That's why don't love me until you are ready to be blessed

Until you are ready to leave and lock the door whenever I ask you to give me some alone time

Until I am ready to see you as my lost lover,a sunshine giving me life and warmth

Until then don't love me

Otherwise I will tear your soul apart and will create a new version of you 

A version which might be wrong for you

But perfect for me

I will turn you into thick dark letters flowing like niagra from my pen and caressing my paper

I will turn you into a person meant for me,which may be you are not (I guess)

I will fill passion into my poems by feeling the way you could have made me feel

I will surrender my verbal existence to the moments in which you were there ,sitting in front of me, trying or pretending to love me

Which I don't want to but that's where heartbreaks lead to,right?

Art, creativity,passion,turning pain into muse.

I am not scaring you off but until you are ready to feel like your body is floating in a thin sheet of air without the fear of dying,ready to break your heart zillion times in a second.


Don't love me!