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Myths about Coronavirus

Following are some of the most popular myths and unknown facts about coronavirus - 



Thermal monitoring is reliable



It is a complete myth that coronavirus can be tested with the thermal scanner, as most of the coronavirus patient doesn't have a fever of more than 99-degree celsius. Even many of them do not even have any symptoms at all. Hence, one should not rely on thermal monitoring as the safety precaution.



Washing hand for less than 20 seconds



It is a myth that it is okay to wash your hands with soap for less than 20 seconds, as soap takes 20 seconds to create an impact on the virus in your hands. If you want to test it try oiling your hand and then use soap to remove that oil from your hands. You will notice that it will take around 20 seconds to remove oil from your hands. Soap works similarly on coronavirus too.



Keeping things in sunlight prevent coronavirus



It is a myth, as nobody knows how much time the UV rays of the sun takes to disinfect the effect of coronavirus. 
UV rays of the sun are not strong enough to kill coronavirus, hence it is not clear how much time it (sunrays) will take to kill coronavirus. Hence, one should not rely on that.



Coronavirus exist on the surface for just 24 hours



No, it is not true that coronavirus exists on the surface for just 24 hours, as it exists longer or lesser depending on the type of surface. Look at the list below containing the time of existence of coronavirus on different surfaces -

1) Cardboard - 24 hours 
2) Plastic - 3-4 days 
3) Stainless steel - 2-3 days
5) Copper - 4 hours 
6) Paper and tissue paper - 3 hours 
7) Wood - 2 days 
8) Cloth - 2 days 
9) Glass - 4 days 
10) Paper money - 4 days 
11) Out the side of surgical mask -7 days 



Online shopping is risky



It is a myth, as shopping online is safer than shopping offline as it takes on an average more than 24 hours or around 3 days for an object to reach you, hence the existence of coronavirus on the surface of your product would be very less as compared to buying it from the offline store as Human touch is more immediate on the products bought offline.



Transfusion of the virus through touch



The coronavirus can be transferred through the saliva of the infected and this saliva can exist on the surface as well, hence it is said that it can be spread by touch, so actually it is spread by the touch of the infected surface.



Importance of mask



As coronavirus is spread through saliva contact hence if you and the person you are talking to are wearing a mask and following social distancing then the chances of getting infected are very less.



AC cause coronavirus



Actually, Air Conditioner does not directly cause coronavirus, but the exhaustion of your AC consumes the air of your room and throw that air back to you, so if any coronavirus infected is present under the air conditioning system then AC will spread the virus in the whole area covered under that air conditioner.



Coronavirus is not airborne



No, it is not true, for weeks experts have maintained that the virus is not airborne. But in fact, it can travel through the air and stay suspended for about a half-hour and can fly for till 11 feet above.