He sat there thinking about her falling hair on her cheeks full of freckles with careless smile

How her number he knows by heart but still doesn't dial.! He then chuckles about those withered letters she used to send from one room to another and cleverly winks

He laughs at all those nights when she curls up in his arms after she heavily drinks.! And then he memorises all those little things 

Late night songs

Early morning texts

Half burnt toasts

Completely perfect coffee

Ugly table covers

Pretty cushions

Incomplete stories

Binge watched movies

Long hugs

Passionate pecks

Pushed against the wall

Crying in the corner

Grabbing a blanket

Sharing a cigarette

Sleeping in her arms

Cuddling a pillow

Tight shorts, his t-shirts

I don't give a fuck nighties

On the rocks whiskey

Hot kulhad chai

Withered daffodils

Embroided mirrors.! He then pulls down the curtain and the wind chime started ringing

And suddenly memoirs flashed of her claps when he is around singing.! He then tip-toed to the room full of her things,gets struck by her favorite shoes

Then he turns on the music,tries to pretend dancing with her shirt,closes his eyes and slowly moves.! His heart trembles a little bit and stares at all those remembering chits

Astonished, captivated,his heart skips a beat looking at those frames in which they perfectly fits.! Her anklets, bracelets,all left on the dressing table and her heels kept in her drawer all stable.! Finally,as he moves out of the room

And remembers the first moment when she entered his life like a witch with a magical wand

And then the last moment when she left and showed him how cold hearted she is flowing from people's hand like the sand!