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Story behind Halloween

We Indians always been fascinated about the Halloween, the costumes, trick or treat and Halloween cocktails. No matter how old we are, we saw it in many western cartoons and TV series. This is the time to know more about it.


What is Halloween?

It is a holiday celebrated on the evening of 31st October of each year. In the tradition of Halloween festival, people light bonfires and wear costumes. It is the evening before All Saints' Day.


Other names of Halloween

Halloween is also known as All Saints' eve, Allhalloween, All Hallows' eve and even All Souls' eve.



There were people in Europe called Celts whose culture was widespread around 2000 years ago. They celebrated 31st October as the last day of the harvest season and termed it as the Celtic New Year named Samhain. They believed it as a magical time at which the ghost of the deads walked on the Earth. They organised a huge bonfire to drive the dead back to their world and keep them away from the regular life of the normal people. 

In the 7th century, the Catholic Church influence people and disapprove the festival Samhain and Catholics began to turn it into their own festival to celebrate All Saints' Day in the honour of martyrs and deceased people. Both of these days are related to life after death, they termed it as part of the church to associate more people to it.


Origin of the name 'Halloween'

The fest was known as Hallamas which means holy and mass of the saints. Hence, the night before is the All Hallows' eve which modified into Halloween.



History fo 'Trick or Treat'



During the Irish potato famine of 1840, Irish immigrated to America and brought this festival there along with customs like bobbing for apples and playing tricks on neighbours. Kids used to play tricks on neighbours, they used to wear a mask so that neighbours cannot identify them. In return of not tricking them neighbours used to give candies as bribes to the kids, in fond of candies kids move door to door to collect them.



Carved Pumpkins



It is also known as Jack-o'-lanterns. It is a myth about Stingy Jack that he used to trick the devils for his monetary benefits but when he dead god did not allow him in heaven and devil didn't allow him to hell, so he sentenced to roam on the earth. Irish started to carve demon face on the pumpkin to frighten away Jack's soul.