THOUGHTS | Candider




Thoughts are the mixture of  feelings and emotions. Which are born from the decisions mind told you to take ant the feelings your heart recognise you. Thoughts are that chemical reaction occurs in mind, which can make you think on so many things. 


Every man kind has several number of thoughts instead I can say that they have N number of thoughts in there mind. Thoughts can be positive or negative. Thoughts which you get in your mind is fairly depends on the way you see the life. 


In our life we image the things and situations and likewise, we develop the garden of thoughts. This garden consists of positive thoughts as well as negative. Positive thoughts shows the confidence level of your's towards some thing. While negative thoughts shows your fear. 


But, both are kind of thoughts are necessary as well as important of a human. It is saying that positive thoughts are good. I don't think so. Thoughts can be of any type. It is not a thump rule that negative thoughts are always harmful. 


Sometimes those negative thoughts are the one which makes you aware of things to be happen with you. Being positive or negatives doesn't define anyone's identity. Thoughts are the just battle of discussion between your heart and mind. 


Your thoughts can make you believe in yourself. Our thoughts represents what we want from our life. The thoughts which we get in our mind is the link of emotions and feelings which is sent by your heart. When you observe something, when you predict something to be happen. 


When you predict and observe something,  When  you feel something. At that time your mind starts making probability of that situation's reaction, the reaction of the actions which you are thinking can be.


Having a negative thoughts doesn't makes you a narrow minded people or having positive thoughts doesn't make you a open minded kr a good soul. Thoughts can be of any kind. It depends on the situation for which your heart and mind is telling you discuss. 


Thoughts are the most powerful weapon. It can make you change the world. The way in which you think can make you the unique person different for the crowd. And, your thoughts are the one which can make you a king and also can make you a criminal. Having a perception that negative thoughts are bad and positive are good is not always correct. 


After discussing this much about thoughts you yourself think are negative thoughts are always harmful?