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Top 5 Men's Grooming Brands in India

Recently in India, men started paying attention to their looks and started taking care of it. Men's grooming pattern surprisingly establish the pattern against racism as men in India started considering that the maintenance of personality is more important than fairness. Showing yourself clean and tidy is not girly anymore and also the pattern of maintaining the clean and shabby man's look at the same time. It is based on the real-life feedback of the users, it is 100% honest guaranteed based on availability and budget-friendly.


Let's see which are the top men's grooming brands in India - 




1. Ustraa



Ustraa is the most appreciate brand cover almost all prominent men's grooming need from the skin to hair especially beard. It provides very effective products with no harmful chemicals. Happily Unmarried is the parent company of Ustraa. Ustraa never promotes superficially and similarly doesn't offer products of niche requirements. Ustraa products all general men's products that a should opt for. Ustraa contains the most amount of expert's recommended products.



2. Old Spice



Old Spice is one of the oldest players in the men's grooming segment. it is the brand of Procter & Gamble. It is the only brand that is competing in its segment with the new age players. The shaving products and fragrance of Old Spice are still recommended.



3. Beardo



Beardo is the brand offering new age products. It is the brand which started marketing with the element named charcoal in each of its products which turns to be very effective. It started the trend in men to think about niche requirement as well. It is the most popular brand of the men's grooming segment. Products of Beardo are really very effective and 2nd most recommended among the experts. Beardo serves the natural product in the new age way.



4. The Man Company



The Man Company's products are prominently based on natural ingredients. They don't include artificial fragrance to make their customer feel the natural ingredients. TMC uses neoclassicism in its product. At the time of usage, you will find that the products they offer are very similar to any other brand available in the market, as the end result of the TMC products are very similar to the brands of ITC and Unilever except TMC does not use harmful ingredients in any way. The new-age men products of TMC like hair wax, beard oil etc. are highly recommended and become the 3rd most recommended.



5. Bombay Shaving Company



The Bombay Shaving company is famous for its neo-classic shaving products. Though this brand also offers other personal care products but shaving products are better.


There are many other brands which are famous and many people love them. If you don't agree with this list, please comment below. We will definitely consider your recommendation on the next list very soon.