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Unboxing WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy


When you are not paying to get a product then you yourself could be the product


If you send and talk anything on WhatsApp thinking it is encrypted then now the time is coming when this encryption would not be effective anymore. To know more let's unbox what's new in WhatsApp's new privacy policy.


Unboxing What's New - 

• WhatsApp's service and how they process your data.

• How businesses can use Facebook hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chat.

• How WhatsApp partner with Facebook to offer integration across the Facebook Company Products.


This policy will be effective from 8th February 2021, so even if you neglect it now you have to accept it by 8th Feb otherwise don't use WhatsApp anymore.


When Facebook bought WhatsApp it was said that your privacy would be infringed after it, but the official said that both will work as a separate entity. In 2019, Mark Zukerberg said they will be integrating all Facebook platforms with each other.


There will be following implementations - 


Your data will be shared with other Facebook family companies

The media and chats that used to store on your phone will now be saved on the server as well and even shared with other Facebook companies like Instagram, Facebook and Facebook ads. So, from 8th Feb if you talk about shoes even on WhatsApp you will be seeing shoes' ads over Facebook, Instagram and even can be with Google because Facebook shares some of ads data with Google as well. Previously your chats, pictures and data were encrypted and will be stored in your phone only with your own safety.


Which kind of data will be shared?

Your chats, transactions, even your phone number, pictures uploaded by you and IP address can be anything (not even clearly defined) will be shared with other Facebook companies just like Facebook and Instagram. Previously, WhatsApp was not collecting such data on its server but save that data on your phone keeping it encrypted.


What can you do?

You have two options either let WhatsApp use your chats, media and other data just like Facebook and Instagram currently or you can use other similar apps as well like Telegram or Signal.


What the government should do?

The government should identify and highlight information technology data privacy issues. India is the largest market for the data companies but there are no such laws been introduced by the government for the regulation of such services. 


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