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Want to start reading? Know how to have a good start.


Most will provide you a way to make reading a good habit for you but it is very important to know the best way to start reading, so that it will become a healthy and beneficial habit for you. It is a guide for the very first time novel reading who just want to start reading.


1. Fiction or Non-fiction

It is very important to understand what kind of novel attracts you the most. Broadly there are two kinds of novels -

Fiction - Books on imaginary stories.

Non-fiction - Books on real life stories.

You can start with any type you want.


• If you want to start with Fiction, we will advise you to start with reading 'Ruskin Bond' as his stories are very simple and short that will help you to finish it, as most people at start leave the novels in the middle. Novel reading requires patience. If you are a teenager then you can then move toward romantic novels this will keep your interest alive.


• If you want to start with non-fiction, we will advise you to start with the biography of the person you admire the most. It will keep you motivated to reach the end successfully. You can also start with motivating books like 'Who will cry when you die' or 'Think and Grow Rich' as writers try their best to keep your reading going on.


2. Keep change the genres of the book

Often people do a major mistake they ready a single genre only that will lead to a lack of interest, we will advise to change genre of the book from time to time. There are the following the genres of the book:

1. Mysteries

2. Science fiction

3. Fantasy

4. Westerns

5. Horror

6. Thrillers

7. Romance

8. Historical


3. Give yourself targets

If you find yourself not very motivated toward then you can also force yourself a target to follow that will keep you motivated and help to develop a habit, but we will advise to create interest instead of for effective habit. You can set days and times for reading for better results.


4. Discuss with your reader friend

One of the best ways to start is to discuss your reading with your reader friend, he or she will advise you the best and will keep you motivated to read. This is the most effective way.

These were the most effective way to start, making it your habit should be your personal choice.