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What is a Virtual Date?



What is a Virtual Date?



When you and a person you like virtually spend quality time without being physically together is known as a virtual date. All it requires is any electronic gadget with a webcam or front camera on it and a friend with the same devices. Once you have the necessary items you can begin your date by turning on your devices' cameras.



Why is it important?



There can be a lot of reasons for why people participate in virtual dates. Virtual dates usually come into play when two people who want to spend time together live far away from each other or are not able to see or meet each other.

For example, with most of the world’s population under isolation and practising social distancing, an increasing number of quarantined singles are dating virtually from the safety of their homes. People engaged in a long-distance relationship highly participate in virtual dates as well. Sometimes people engage in it just for the fun of it and in the spirit of 'trying something new'.



What makes a virtual date successful?



There are a number of things that one should keep in mind before a virtual date,

1) You want to come in prepared with plenty of topics to talk about or discuss - since you don't want to run out of topics and stare at each other awkwardly.

2) Make sure your internet connection is strong and that no issue occurs during the date as it is embarrassing and a turnoff for the other person.

3) Make efforts. Act as if the date was in person and not in front of your phone screens. Get ready accordingly. Take a shower. Do our hair and makeup and lastly, put on your favourite outfit. All this will make you feel good and a lot more confident and you'll be able to give your 100%.

4) Prepare. Since you both aren't out at a fancy restaurant or a movie theatre there's no way you can discuss the ambience of your surroundings. What you can do is decorate your own place with fairy lights and candles so that you don't miss the vibe!

5) Cook and pour out that wine! Prepare meals so as to get the proper date vibes. Cook that pasta and spaghetti to give it that restaurant vibe!



What to do on a Virtual Date:



1) Converse. Talk to the other person, get to know them. Ask them about their day. Talk.

2) You both can mutually decide on a movie and then watch it together.

3) You can put on a song and dance to it.

4) Alternatively, one can do skipping, Zumba, yoga or pilates or floor exercises.