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What is #Bamboozle?


What is Bamboozle?

Bamboozle means to deceive, to cheat someone, to make a fool of him or perplex him. It is like you fooled by some offer you get attracted to with end up getting no advantage, you have been fooled or we can say "bamboozled".


Why is it popular?

This word has been used in many TV shows like "Friends" and many other shows. There is also a famous indoor game for kids naming "Bamboozled". Currently, it is famous for the viral tricks memes and videos that have been done with dogs by tricking them by offering them to identify the fist with food and dog got to know that there was more food is in another hand dog got 'bamboozled'. You can watch one by just searching "Bamboozled Doggo". Watch one here.



This word emerged from the Scottish word 'Bumbaze' or 'Bombaze' which means 'to confuse'.



This word was originally considered to be from 'low language' and tried to be ignored, but this is an information era and nothing can be ignored now. Previously this word for used for criminal activities. By 1712, it was used for "to perplex" or "to mystify". In 1800, 'Bamboozled' started to be using for 'drunks'.