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What is #FOMO?

If we can't say no to any party or any option or if we wish to have everything like people, gadgets, knowledge and trends by our side as we don't want to miss any life opportunity out of it. This means we are facing FOMO.


What is FOMO?

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out, it is the feeling of fear that something important is about to miss if we don't opt for it. In FOMO, we think that we will feel outsiders if we say 'no' to something in a group. 



For example, whenever our phone rings we compel ourself to accept it as something important might be on the other side, the more time we take to accept it the more FOMO we will feel.



Consequences of FOMO

1. Procrastination

As we tend to say yes to everything like tasks, projects, parties or events this will lead to cluttered schedule leads we to not completing some tasks which will result in excuses and procrastination.


2. Unfocused - 

As we are surrounded by many products, events and tasks we will find ourself unfocused to a particular task even though it is very important.



Solutions of FOMO

1. Acceptation -

We should accept the fact that FOMO exists and obvious, this is the first step to get rid of it.


2. Honesty - 

We have to be honest to ourself that we really wanna do that task or have that product or attend that party and similarly show our honesty to others as well instead of making lame excuses.


3. Quick decision making - 

Start taking decisions rapidly, don't keep our brain busy even in taking small decisions as we can't be right about it until we experience it.


4. Understand ourself - 

Understand our goal and desires as we really wanna do this then only say yes.