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What is love?

What is love?

I’ve asked many people to define love. While they are able to define it when it concerns their family, they are not in a position to define what love means or what is its definition for that someone special. Well, I’ve not yet had that someone special in my life yet but I think it will be sometime soon and if he is probably reading this or by chance came across this, good luck to you for my mood swings! I hope to meet you soon. So that even if I won’t have a definition of love, at least I’ll know how it feels to love someone truly. And, you are gonna be one hell of a lucky guy! And, also don’t hide your feelings. 

Until now, I feel love is caring, mutual understanding, respect and attraction but also opposites attract so maybe there’s something more! I hope that someday I’ll just not fantasise stories and write em down but be the protagonist of a real story and actually feel those things that I write down!

~looking forward to meeting you, boyfriend ♥️