What you did on Candider in 2020 | Candider
What you did on Candider in 2020

Let's have a through back to the year 2020 and see what was trending throughout the year by you.


Most trending keyword



"Coronavirus" was being the most trending keyword. It was very obvious as 2020 was being all about it. You searched and asked for protection, remedies and impact of coronavirus on the businesses. Your efforts worked it was trending throughout the year. No matter how much positivity you push, you cant stop coronavirus from trending at least.



Most trending question



It was very surprising why everybody wanna know about Lawmen and White. The name came to trend after when they took up the case of Kunal Kamra against IndiGo airlines. Nobody knew about Lawmen and White before this case, hence Candider used its Internet Research Algorithm deeply to give the internet the answer to this question. Candider was the first site to have this answer thanks to our algorithm.



Most trending blog



Everybody wants to be familiar with the latest dating slangs especially after lockdown when you have experienced at least one of the slang on yourself. If you have not read it yet, read it by clicking above.