Which type of skin are you having? | Candider
Which type of skin are you having?

To select the best skin product for ourselves, it is very important for us to know which type of skin are we having.

There are 5 types of skins - 



Oily Skin



Skin that produces an extensive amount of oil. People with oily skin are most prone to pimples.




Dry Skin



Skin that is rough have cracking or breaking in the skin.




Combination Skin



It is the most common skin form in India, in which T shape part of the face like the forehead, nose and chin keep oily and the rest part of the face keep dry.




Normal Skin



Skin which is neither gets too dry in winter nor gets too oily in summer.




Sensitive Skin



It is the skin that turns red after using any kind of products either start burning or itching.



We should choose our product very strictly to our skin types, most people ignore the part of understanding their skin get to obtain advice your unprofessional people which is very wrong and even may be very irrelevant for you.

Understand your skin type as Candider is going to start giving you tips accordingly very soon.