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Who is Prince Charming?

Prince Charming

What is your definition of a Prince Charming?

The one who runs after you taking a sandal so that it fits you and you’ll forever be his?

According to me, Prince Charming is that one guy of your life who cares for you, respects you, understands you, is there for you, and ruins your lipstick not your mascara. When you call he’ll laugh at you and then give hand to pick you up. He’ll be himself and free when you are around. He will share everything with you. Both of you will have some secrets but secretly you’ll know each other’s top secrets. He’ll be your soulmate. He does not have to be rich or handsome. Just someone who whenever comes close to you, your heart starts beating rapidly and your uterus just skips a beat! Someone you are attracted to as hell and at this same time can’t imagine your life without. He’ll make love to you, and also love you at the same time. You’ll be his Queen and he’ll be your King. We can have our own definitions of Prince Charming and Mr. Perfect. But no one is perfect. When you two will be together you’ll be the perfect couple. Best and made only for each other because you’ll fill the halves that our incomplete in your partner’s life; and that is what we call love guys!

So looking forward to meeting you, boyfriend!