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Who was Danish Saddiqui?

Danish Saddiqui was the chief photographer at the news agency Reuters in India. Recently, he was killed on assignment while in Afghanistan at the age of 41 years. His assignment was covering the clashes between Afghan forces and the Taliban in the Kandahar region. Saddiqui was accompanying a convoy of Afghan forces intercepted by the Taliban as they neared a border post close to Pakistan. The clash in which Saddiqui was killed took place during an Afghan attempt to reclaim territory in Spin Boldak district.


Danish Saddiqui was an accomplished photojournalist, having won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography back in 2018 for his work covering the Rohingya crisis. His work helped illustrate the grotesque violence the Rohingya refugees were facing during their attempted fleeing from Myanmar. Other notable works he has contributed include the Hong Kong protests in 2019-20, the Nepal earthquakes, the Indian coronavirus situation, the Delhi riots in 2020 and the Battle of Mosul.


Some of his most famous photographs include a Rohingya woman touching the shore after crossing the Bangladeshi-Mynamar border, an anti-CAA protester wielding a gun, the organising of the protest site for the farmer’s agitation in Ghaziabad, Iraqi forces in action against ISIS and a weary migrant worker carrying his son on his back. 


The magnitude of Danish Saddiqui’s work left a significant imprint on the landscape of photojournalism. His work displayed courage as it required him to be present in some of the more precarious situations in recent memory. The photographs he took instilled shock and awe in their viewers as they encapsulated the magnitude of important human events and, critically, the people involved in them. Saddiqui was never one to sit on the sidelines and his photographs showcased as much. His work exemplified some of the pitfalls that humanity struggles with. The quality and significance of Saddiqui’s photographs should ensure their memory and the events they contain endure.