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Who was George Floyd?

Who was George Floyd?



George Floyd was a 46-year-old black man and was the father of a six-year-old daughter, Gianna. He was born in North Carolina and lived in Houston, Texas when he was younger. He then moved to Minneapolis several years ago in search of a job. He was a good father while he was raising their daughter said his ex-wife Roxie Washington upon his death. Floyd was an athlete as well as a basketball and football enthusiast. His classmates described him as a quiet soul with a gentle spirit.


What happened to him?



Floyd was tortured to death by a white police officer on 25th May 2020. The officer kept his knee on the side of Floyd's neck for 8 minutes, 46 seconds while Floyd was handcuffed and lying facing downwards. During the last three minutes, he was motionless, showing no signs of life.


How did it happen?



The 46-year-old black man was accused of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. The unfortunate the incident took place after a deli employee called 911. By combining videos made and pictures taken by the bystanders and onlookers it can be said that the white officer, Derek Chauvin, took some steps which are against the policies of Minneapolis Police Department and ended up killing Mr Floyd of Cardiac Arrest while his last words were "Please, I can't breathe".


Why did it happen?



People believe that this heartbreaking incident took place because of the age-old problem of Racial Discrimination also known as Racism.


What happened afterwards?



Derek Chauvin, the officer responsible for Floyd's murder, Chauvin, was first charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter on Friday and the other 3 officers who were present on the scene - Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng and Tou Thao was not charged. However, that changed due to the efforts and demands of the large number of protesters protesting for George's justice. Now, The former Minneapolis Police officer who pressed his knee into George Floyd's neck was charged on Wednesday with a more serious allegation of second-degree murder, and the three other officers on scene during his killing was charged with promoting and abetting second-degree murder. Nationwide protests have taken place in full force. People are furious about the discriminatory behaviour of the police and how it led to the death of an innocent black man. People are showing their angst by coming in a large number of groups and demanding justice for Floyd. People are flying across nations only to seek justice and put an end to racism for once and all.