Why are animals slaughtered? | Candider
Why are animals slaughtered?



What is animal slaughter?



Animal slaughter also called abattoir refers to violence toward animals. Animals like chicken, pigs, cows, sheep, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats are slaughtered and then sold or consumed.



Why are animals slaughtered?



Mostly, animals are killed for consumption purposes; however, they might also be slaughtered for religious practices known as Ritual Slaughter. Other such reasons are being diseased and unsuitable for consumption.



How are animals slaughtered?



Slaughter process consists of 2 stages:

Stunning- It allows an animal to lose it's consciousness so as to feel no pain. It is done through electrical, gas and percussive stunning.

Sticking- In this process the animal's neck is cut with a sharp object. Rapid blood loss and death is ensured.



Who slaughter animals?




A person who slaughters animals is called a 'Butcher' or a 'Slaughterman' even if it's a woman.



Why is it wrong?



1) Animals like human beings are living beings with senses, a sound mind and a beating heart. They have a life of their own and just like us, they have a right to live it as well. Slaughtering them for our pleasures and needs is indeed an inhumane act.

2) They undergo a large amount of stress before they are slaughtered and the pain they feel is dreadful. Hence, making it a very painful process.

3) When an animal is slaughtered, we don't only kill it but also raise the bar of their extinction. So, in simpler words, Biodiversity is being destroyed.

4) There are records of lots of diseases caused by eating animals. For example, Coronavirus.

5) It negatively affects the food chain.



How can be stop animal slaughter?



1) Turn into a vegetarian or vegan.

2) People should be educated about the importance of animals and their existence.

3) Law should be created against animal slaughtering and strict actions must be taken towards the offender.

4) An effort should be made to provide proper food, shelter and protection to the stray animals as they are open to danger.