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Why I am an atheist

An inspirational summary of an essay written by freedom fighter Bhagat Singh when he was in prison, that everyone must read to understand the real meaning of atheism. In words of Bhagat Singh - 


Who am I?

I totally reject the existence of the omnipresent, the all-knowing god. I didn't become atheist because I am arrogant, proud or vain. I am not an incarnation, or prophet or any god. I am going to sacrifice my life for a reason for a goal and I don't consider any condolence bigger than this. A god believing Hindu may expect to be reborn as a king; a Muslim or a Christian may expect heaven after death. They might expect that their sacrifice and sufferings will result in a reward.


What should I expect?

I know that would be my end when a rope tightened around my neck, and when a rafter moves from under my feet that would be my last moment of life. Without any selfish motive of getting any reward or thereafter. Without any interest, I devoted my life to the cause of freedom.



Our forefather must have faith in some kind of super-being. The one who dares to challenge the existence of God, to validate the existence they declare them a Kafir or a renegade. Even if the argument were so strong that it is impossible to refuse them and the spirit is so strong that you cannot bow them by showing the threat of the misfortune. Hence, they declare such a person arrogant and condemn that person in public.


I am not atheist because of vanity

My disbelieve in god has made the situation completely against me and circumstances may become worse for me. Being a little mystical can give this circumstance a poetic turn. But I don't want to give any logic as a reason behind my end.


The actual me

I am a realistic person. I want to overpower this tendency in me with the help of reason. I know, I was not that successful in such attempts, but it is the duty of humanity to do efforts and never give up because success depends upon the coincidences and circumstances. 



It is necessary for every person who stands for progress to criticize the law of old believes. He or she should challenge each and every efficacy of old faiths. He should analyse and understand all the details. If he reached to some philosophy after huge rigorous reasoning then his thinking must be appreciated. His logic would be criticised and assumed to be wrong many times but there is a chance that he will be appreciated because reasoning is the guiding principle of life. 


The threat of not being an atheist at a certain level

I should say blind beliefs are very dangerous, It destroys the logic and thinking capabilities of a person and makes him a person who hate corrections. A person who claims himself to be realist must challenge these truths of old beliefs. when a faith can't sustain the attack of logic then it collapsed. The British rule is not there because of God's willed, it is just because we are lack of will, reasoning and courage to oppose it. They are not ruling use because of the power of God, but with the force of guns, bullets and militia and all above because of our apathy. 



One of my friends recommend me to pray, but when I informed him about my atheism he said "when your last days will be near you then you will understand the importance of prayer" and I replied, "No friend, it is not gonna happen". I found it degrading and demoralising, for such petty selfish motives I shall never pray.