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Why is the Homeopathy controversial?

Though many people find homoeopathy very helpful but there are many who finds it fraudulent for human health and modern machine. Hence, it is very important for an individual to understand the reality behind homoeopathy, how it works and other important facts behind it.


How Homeopathy came into existence?

In the 18th century, medicine was very different from today, treatments like bloodletting and other harmful treatment left the patients in worse condition than before. German physician Samuel Hahnemann wanted to have a non-harmful and natural way of treatment, hence he developed Homeopathy. Homoeopathy became very successful as people prefer non-harmful treatment instead of harmful treatments. Hahnemann came with several strict rules that are not being followed today like - 

• no coffee or tea

• no alcohol

• no onion

• no spicy food

• no meat

• no sweet food

• no sedentary work

• no playing games

• no warm rooms

• no masturbation

• no napping


What is the science behind homoeopathy?


Like cures like - 

Medicine use the ingredients that cause the symptoms you want to cure. For example, medicine for fever is made of belladonna that itself cause fever.  A mixture based on bee venom is used to cure the itchy swelling and so on. 



The idea is the dilution and agitation of the ingredients activates its curative powers and enhance their effect. For doing this ingredient is diluted in the alcohol or distilled water, one part of the solution is mixed with 9 part of the water, shaking it this made ti 1X potency. Again this process is repeated the one part of the made solution of 1X potency is again mixed with 9 part of the water to become 2X potency. this process is repeated again and again till the desired proportion. Mostly the medicine is served in the form of liquid or sugar pallet and sold as globuli. The ingredient present in the medicine become so negligible that its physical effect would be nothing.

30C potency is like mixing a single part of an ingredient with the 99 parts of water, which also leads to 0 atom presence of an ingredient in the medicine. It is mostly criticised. Its like medicine having 0% medicine and 100% sugar. 

Homoeopathy believes that extreme dilution will increase the effect of the ingredient but physically it does nothing. The new tools of modern medicine have developed modern diagnoses to understand what stuff actually works. These studies came up with the result that homoeopathy has no effect beyond the placebo. Who cares why it works when it works for you. 


Placebo Effect

Understand the Placebo Effect by clicking here

If people believe that something will help him to feel better than trust alone will help him to cure. It is said that homoeopathy has a good effect on children and animals also, though it is proven that the placebo effect is also transferable from parents and caretakers to children and animals. 



Another thing that works for homoeopathy is time, our body is made to cure diseases by itself with time infections pass on their own in the few days, Hence, homoeopathy makes you feel like it does take care of you but it doesn't. 


The thing that modern medicine should adopt from homoeopathy - 

Empathy, homoeopathy doctors provides you ample time for the discussion over your sufferings. Good level of attention and empathy also make a huge difference in health.