Zero | Candider




We know what is the value of this figure or a word. We all start our life with 0. The importance of this figure increases when we put it behind other numbers. 


There are so many things to learn from this. It purely depends on you how to use this number. If in an any company they have 0 complaints than we can imagine the level of happiness they have. But, if a child is getting 0 marks we know the end result. 


In life also it depends on us how to use given resources. If we place them at the right situation with the proper way than it can create miracle and vise a versa. 


We all know that in our life the society don't give a damn to a person who fails or who is having 0 salary. But, if the same zero we place behind the number 1 we know what's the reality. 


As it's a saying that life always teaches you some or the other thing it is just that how to deal with it. You are taking it positively or negatively. When life makes you live with 0 that is the time which shoes us the reality of this brutal world. The relations which we called forever. That time shows who really meant to stay with you forever and who are there just because you have number 0 behind any other numbers. 


Nothing is bad in this life or a universe. Every number play and important role it just depends on our mindset how we react with it.