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Does less democracy would led to more development of our india?
11th Sep 2020 9:22 pm
Business expert
The following result is obtained by our expert's opinion: India is said to be the largest democracy because even the smallest organization in India chooses its head via voting or some other means of public participation. The concept of democracy is very prevailing that we can see in America. The real purpose of introducing democracy was to ensure that even the last person on counting has equal participation in administration and even the last person enjoys the welfare of the same level that the first person on counting gets. But on the ground, we can see this purpose fulfilling due to the participation of term politics. Politics has prevailed in India to such a large extent that the faith over democracy starts declining. Here the concept comes that who is following the actual democracy, as people like to the most powerful candidate with the strongest chances of winning, instead of voting to the deserving candidate. We can see this even in our school elections. In India, people used to vote deserving candidate very rarely only when people strongly think to change the government. The implement of democracy in India is very weak to cope up with its actual purpose as if a single can have the largest vote will win even though its vote percentage would be just 20%. Hence, the quality of democracy can be seen in the bi-party system, not a multi-party system (India). Even quality of democracy can be seen in the bi-party system but this system will also lead to corruption. Due to politics, a huge amount of time and resources have been wasted every year and every topic is the topic of politics even though it is poverty, education or development. Even though there is a government of exact 51% majority even then they can't sustain from undue practices You have to have a majority of 65% that can only be possible when the single side has the strongest opinion. Hence, the practicality of democracy is hampered and people started losing faith in democracy. People started thinking that having a single government like Russia and China may lead to more progress. Hence, yes we can say less democracy will lead to more development in India, but only when the deserving person reaches to the right place in the administration.
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