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Evolution of tourism
24th Jan 2020 8:22 pm
Education expert
Following results are obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm:   Evolution in the field of tourism can be understood by the points given below (earlier to latest) - • Early men travel for the search for food. • Humans travel to exchange their food with other necessity product via barter system. • Humans then travel for business to sell their produced goods or to buy good in another geographical region. • Then, humans started travelling using animals, boats and carts to cover longer distance and gain larger amount of profit. As animals' cost was higher therefore long travelling became a luxurious thing. • In kingdom rule, kings travel to expand their territory, rich artist travel to promote its art, rich countrymen travel to promote their culture and travelling was also done in search of beautiful brides. • Explorers started travelling to explore the unexplored things around the globe. • After industrial revolution, tourism industry took place. People started recognising tourist as a larger source of income as native products were rare for them. Hence, they started promoting their own region in another region so that more people visit their place to experience the speciality of their area. • Now, tourism has became the luxury of human life, people travel to have the experience of different culture and history. • Business travelling is done to expand business or to earn large amount of profit.
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