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Explain placebo effect with some famous examples
10th Feb 2020 10:03 pm
Education expert
The following result is obtained by our Internet research Algorithm: The placebo effect is the effect by which a person's beliefs affect its body more than the actual activity happening to it. The placebo effect was used to test new medicines (drugs) on the humans by giving half of the people under observation real drug and sugar tablets to the rest half. If it affects the same to the people with the sugar tablets then the drug was proved to be ineffective. There are many intense examples of this effect are available, but a famous practical example of it is - In 1996, 56 volunteers have participated to test Trivaricaine - a pain killer liquid, in this experiment index finger of both hands were squeezed, subjects reported that the treated finger pained less than the untreated finger. Trivaricaine was not even a pain killer, it was a fake concoction.
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