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How blood banks operate in mumbai and maharashtra?
10th Feb 2020 10:43 pm
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The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: A Blood bank is a place or organization or unit or institute or other arrangements made by such organization, unit or institution for carrying out all or any of the operations for collection, apheresis, storage, processing and distribution of blood drawn from donors and/or for preparation, storage and distribution of blood components. A licence is required to run a blood bank. Without a licence to run a blood bank is an offence under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 & Rules made thereunder. People donate blood to these banks either directly or through any blood donation camps. People also used to donate for the purpose to exchange it in order to get the required blood group. These blood banks exchange surplus blood with the other blood banks to maintain the desired quantity. They always try to maintain the availability of each blood groups' blood. Major blood banks in Mumbai - 1. Blood Bank,Cama and Albless Hospital, Mumbai 2. Blood Bank,GT Hospital, Mumbai 3. Blood Bank, Rajawadi Hospital, Mumbai 4. Blood Bank,St. George’s Hospital, Near VT Station, Mumbai 5. Blood Bank, Nanavati Hospital, SVP Road, West Mumbai, Mumbai 6. Blood Bank, Harilal Bhagvati Hospital, SV Road, Mumbai 7. Blood Bank, Cooper Hospital, Ville Parel, Mumbai 8. Blood Bank, KB Bhabha Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai
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