How can we use digital technology for marketing of horticulture product in india? | Candider
How can we use digital technology for marketing of horticulture product in india?
24th May 2020 11:33 am
Education expert
The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: The main objective of agriculture marketing is to reduce the cost of marketing. Use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the horticulture and agricultural sector can be called e-Agribusiness. Digitization will change every part of horticulture chain but require major transformations in farming, rural economics, marketing of produce. The application of ICT in agriculture has positive effects on farmers in terms of accessing market information and promoting agricultural and horticultural products. The common man mostly suffers in the maintenance of horticulture produce, communication with the farmers will help them to keep the freshness alive for a longer time and help them use fresh produce every time. Digitization should be used in such a way that it will help both the parties (the producer and the consumer) beneficial of the technology. Digital innovation in marketing helps only when everybody benefited under its implementation. China's agricultural industry, traditionally farmers plan their crop based on sales of the previous season. With Alibaba's flash sale and marketing platform 'Juhuasuan' it is virtual farming feature "Jutudi" allowing farmers access to consumer sales data so that they can more accurately plan crops based on current consumer trends. It lets consumers pre-order agriculture products before harvest. It directly works with cooperatives and farmers to bypass middlemen.
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