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How is Candider different from Quora
3rd Mar 2020 10:59 am
Lifestyle expert
The Following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: Candider offers you following special features that make your experience far better than any other platform - Assurity - Candider provides you assurity of giving an answer within 24 hours, the user will never be left unanswered. Credibility - Candider provides you the credibility of the answers given by its experts, research and algorithm. Candider provides you the source of information and the user can also find out how candider reached that answer anytime. Verified answers - Candider tries to verify the answers given by its system so that users didn't interact with any kind of fake information. Guidance - Candider helps its users by providing guidance to the answer in future reference so that users can help themselves in the future. Standardization - Candider tries hard so that its answers will be standardized and users can understand them easily.
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