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How is prestige indore for MBA?
25th May 2020 7:53 pm
Education expert
The following result is obtained by our Real-time Research: If you are looking for doing MBA without scoring good in any national entrance exam, then Prestige Indore is a very good choice. In terms of placement and ROI (Return on Investment) PIMR Indore provides you with a very good deal. With decent performance, the institute can manage to provide you with the placement of around 6 LPA comfortably which even may lead up to 12 LPA. If you are looking for education, studies, crowd, faculty and environment then it is not a good institute for you. It is really bad in these terms. But, Prestige provides you ample amount of time for extracurricular activities. With the amount of the fee around 2.5 lakhs for the complete MBA program, this institute offers a good deal for you (in terms of money).
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