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How is webnode for website building
17th Mar 2020 11:24 pm
Technology expert
The following result is obtained by our expert's opinion: Yes, Webnote is still a very good option for making website in 2020, but it is serving very less customizable options in templets. Hence, we will advise you to opt for WIX for creating 3rd party website, as Wix offers the most customizable option in this segment and services are very reliable. Also, select the 3rd party website makers on the basis of freedom to customise your site. As Wix provides you with the most options in this segment, it is a good website maker. But Remember, the first loading time of Wix websites are very high, hence it creates discomfort for some users. If you are looking for a specific e-commerce website maker then Shopify is also a good option, as they provide logistics support as well.
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