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How is YONO different from PayZapp
3rd Mar 2020 1:50 pm
Business expert
The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm- Yono app is different from PayZapp in many ways like - 1. In Yono app, you can open a bank account and can use the app but in case of PayZapp it works as a kind of wallet app you can't open a bank account in Payzapp. 2. In Yono app, you will get a physical card but in the case of PayZapp you will get a Virtual card. 3. Yono app can only be used by those users who have a bank account in SBI bank only but In the case of PayZapp any bank account user can use it. 4. Yono app is a full-featured app but if you want to take the advantages of all the features of PayZapp app so it is very important that you have an HDFC bank account to enjoy all the features of the PayZapp.
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