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How our mobile data is leaked ?
4th Jun 2020 7:10 pm
Technology expert
The following result is obtained by our Expert's opinion: You must have seen when you install an app in your smartphone, it asks for many permissions like Message, Files, Camera, Location, Contacts, Call logs and other. When you allow these apps such permissions then they can browse to your personal messages, can browse your files, can track your location, can see whom you were calling, whom you are talking to, can see your contacts and also can use your camera without even letting you know about it. Many app companies read your personal text messages and track your location just to show you more relevant advertisements. Companies sell your call logs and contact details for money. Remedy - Always notice that the permission your app is asking for is relevant for its function or not. Never allow any unneeded permission to an app. Candider never asks for any unneeded permission. Be aware be safe.
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