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How to quit smoking
27th Feb 2020 6:44 pm
Lifestyle expert
The following result is obtained by our Intenet Research Algorithm: Follow the steps below - 1. Think about if you want to quit smoking. 2. Determine why you want to quit. 3. Be prepared for nicotine-withdrawal symptoms. 4. Choose a date for when your plan will start. 6. Prepare for cravings. Have a plan in advance for when cravings strike. You might try hand-to-mouth. This describes the action of moving your hand to your mouth for smoking. Have a replacement to fulfil this need. 7. Prepare the night before quitting. Wash your bedding and clothes to get rid of cigarette smells. 8. Know your triggers. Many people find that certain situations trigger the desire to smoke. You might want a cigarette with your cup of coffee, for instance, or you might want to smoke when you're trying to solve a problem at work. Identify places where it may be difficult not to smoke and have a plan of what you'll do in those specific places. For example, you should have an automatic response for a cigarette offer: “No thank you, but I will have another tea” or “ No - I am trying to quit. 9. Get professional help. Behavioral therapy combined with medication therapy can improve your chances of successfully quitting. Take Bupropion. This medication doesn't have nicotine, but it does help reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. 10. Use Chantix. 11. Try nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Source -
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