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How to treat angular cheilitis?
3rd Feb 2020 10:06 am
Lifestyle expert
Following result is obtained by out Internet Research Algorithm: Following are the remedies of Angular Cheilitis – 1. Maintain good oral hygiene to keep your mouth and lips healthy. 2. Avoid lip balm that contains a flavor, lanolin, or preservatives. 3. Apply petroleum jelly to the corners of your mouth to keep them moist. 4. Use zinc oxide paste to help your lips heal. 5. Stop licking the corners of your lips if you’re in the habit. 6. See a doctor if your cheilitis lasts longer than 1 month. 7. Ask your dentist to re-size your dentures if you wear false teeth. 8. Apply an antibacterial cream if you have a bacterial infection. 9. Use an OTC antifungal cream if your cheilitis is caused by a fungus. 10. Put on a 1% hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation. 11. Increase your iron intake to prevent anaemia and cheilitis. 12. Take zinc and vitamin B to strengthen your immune system. 13. Keep your body hydrated to prevent skin from drying out. 14. Cut back on the amount of candy and sweets you’re eating.
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