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How to unlearn conformism taught by the school's?
22nd Feb 2020 11:14 pm
Education expert
The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: Conformism or conformity is matching our beliefs, attitude and behaviours to group norms, rules and expectations. For example, humans like to follow large groups or "sheep walk". We don't even notice the regular action of conformity in our lives and we confirm it by our non-conscious actions. It is deep inside our nature and we use this to protect ourselves. This is how things went viral on social media. Creating influence is the main solution Some of the solutions are - 1. Be aware of conformity and try to avoid it by sticking to you believe. 2. Think before any action or statement, take your time to understand it and don't act immediately. Always think what is your real opinion about this case. 3. Self-esteem as your views can change the opinion of your whole group. 4. Courage - main step is to have the courage to be yourself publicly. 5. If a group doesn't accept as the way you are that might be a wrong group. 6. Remember the contribution of great unconformist people, who dares to take bold or different steps.
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