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Most dangerous street drugs and there effects on body.??
23rd Feb 2020 11:26 am
Lifestyle expert
The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: STREET DRUG IS VERY HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH, ITS CONSUMPTION WILL CAUSE DEATH. Following are the topmost dangerous street drugs - 1. Krokodil - It is a heroin opiate, it drops codeine and gasoline. It gives the user a rush of euphoria. Once injected, the gasoline & eye drops eat your flash and give skin the appearance of crocodile scales. It causes gangrene & rots you from the inside out. The life expectancy of this drug addict is just 1 year. 2. Whoonga - It is cheap but highly addictive street drug popular in South Africa. It is a fine white powder which is added to marijuana and smoked for relaxing & hallucinogenic properties. It is made of washing detergent, rat poison and HIV medicine. It causes internal bleeding, heart failure and even death. 3. Bath Salts - It is a synthetic stimulant that causes an energetic high and makes people uncontrollable and cannibalistic. 4. Crack Cocaine - When it smoked, it causes an intense feeling of euphoria, alertness and aggressive behaviour. It leads to psychosis, heart attacks, kidney failure and crack lungs.
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