Opportunity spaces for Fintech to grow in India Post covid 19 | Candider
Opportunity spaces for Fintech to grow in India Post covid 19
12th May 2020 12:05 am
Business expert
The following result is obtained by our expert's opinion: The fintech market is going to receive a huge market opportunity after this COVID-19 effect. Physical banking is now at their lowest and also at the employee level nobody want to interact with the customer for small purposes. Banks are also looking for employee cost-cutting as it is pf highest in costing for service industry especially banks. Contactless payment technology is future even it for e-commerce or for the offline market. Sending money digitally and digital banking has made the banking process very easier. Limitation of banks is not increased at a very huge level. Third-party fintech companies are using a network of existing popular banks to provide their services, they are not finding it important to establish a new network for them. They prefer top baning networks only, hence small banks are going to see a huge drawback in this field. COVID-19 effect will push a huge boost in the implementation of contactless strategies in business. Fintech was already looking for such opportunities and will the largest role in this field. As production businesses are going down, hence in terms of market fintech is going to have the most profitable future.
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