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Realme 5i vs 5 pro vs 5s
21st Apr 2020 1:44 am
Technology expert
The following result is obtained by our expert's opinion: Clearly, it is unfair to compare Realme 5i with Realme 5s and 5pro, as Realme 5i is the most inferior among them. Realme 5 Pro is the best among them, understand it by following pros and cons - Realme 5 Pro - Pros: • Large screen with small cutout, excellent contrast. • Stunning design, splash resistant body • Outstanding battery life • Snappy performance, great for gaming • The main camera snaps high-quality images day and night • The portrait shots are impressive • Impressive video quality on all resolutions • A dedicated MicroSD slot, 3.5mm jack, FM radio Cons: • Limited regional availability • The macro and ultrawide shots are uninspiring • EIS is only available at 1080@30fps Realme 5s Pros: • Nice-looking and solid design, splash-resistant body. • Big and bright enough screen. • Uncontested battery life. • Excellent performance, great even for gaming. • Upgraded main camera, it's even better now. • Realme promises an upgrade to ColorOS 7 based on Android 10 Cons: • Screen is low-res and might appear grainy to some. • Outdated micro-USB connector instead of USB-C. • The macro and ultra-wide cameras are underwhelming.
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