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This time, why not MODI ?
9th Feb 2020 7:29 pm
Business expert
The following result is obtained by our Real-Time Short Survey: It is completely your choice to choose your leader, your every decision about democracy should be by your own understandings. As you asked we cannot blame any government or person for anything, but we can give you info about the losses made under a certain government period. Under the leadership PM Mr Nadrendra Modi environment consisting of following threats raised - • Unemployment - the government must make condition employment friendly to increase opportunity. But it was being adverse under this period. • Failed implementation - failed implementation of various actions like demonetisation, GST or CAA, leads to various chaos in the country. • Slow economy - Failed implementation of policies in the first chance, unsupported policies, and ignorance of real issues lead to the slow down speed of the economy. • Freedom of speech - environment has been developed under which, violence against people having differed views raised. • Manipulation - Ignorance of the real matters have been raised and people are indirectly forced to look into the matters which are not even a part of their routine life. The data is generated by public view over the government.
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