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What are the energy gaining foods?
5th Jun 2020 6:57 pm
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The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: Following are some effective energy gaining foods - 1) Bananas - They are loaded with naturally occurring sugars which provide with instant energy which stays for a long period of time. 2) Yoghurt - It is rich in magnesium, and helps the body to release energy. It makes a great post workouts snack. 3) Cayenne peppers - They are rich in capsaicin which helps our brain to focus. 4) Seeds, nuts and dried fruits - They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps in achieving the requirement of good fats. 5) Apples - Apples are helpful in all seasons. They contain Vitamin C and B and Potassium. 6) Eggs - Egg yolks are a rich source of vitamin B and D. They are also rich in protein. 7) Watermelon - They are 90% water and keeps us hydrated. They make a great summer fruit.
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